Sunday, August 8, 2010

you already know why not

I am getting a bit of that MichFest consciousness today. I have that “I can do anything” feeling in my body. I walk taller, smile brighter and have a whole gamut of ideas brewing about how my life will change, what I will do and how I will grow. This year is the 35th anniversary and I missed it – not because I didn’t want to be there – but because I just didn’t have that All Systems Go feeling about it, which usually means something bigger is happening. It’s strange how it happens: it’s not a weigh all the options & make a thoughtful decision about what will happen next. It’s more like I go through the motions of something my mind and soul have been communicating about for months, years even. As if I have already practiced all the moves and rehearsed all the lines until they are just what is now. So, although I wanted to go to Michigan again this year for another growth experience that’s out of this world, my everything insides said to me to stay put and play out the part I chose long before I was born. And, while here – I will be using that Michigan dirt under my nails to empower the next steps to come.


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