Monday, August 23, 2010

I'd rather be here now

I saw it on an SUV turning the corner to go to the library. There was a luggage rack AND a bike rack with 3 bikes on the hitch, a boat rack on the top and the insides was brimming with luggage and grocery bags. I thought to myself, "yeah, you've got everything you need to be exactly where you are whenever you are there," before I really got the message.
Most bumper stickers say "I'd rather be fishing" or some other sort of thing, truly showing how victimized the driver is for HAVING to be wherever s/he is at the moment that they are not doing that thing they'd rather be doing  - but this one says "I'd rather be here now." 

I'd rather be HERE than anywhere else, and NOW over any other time, is really taking responsibility for one's actions [and being completely prepared for anything while there, like a ride in the park].

It is saying, "I have all the tools I need to be right here right now. For WHEREVER i go, THERE I am and whatever happens is whatever I need to experience in this moment [plus, I've got all the power to be somewhere else if I REALLY wanted to be, but i am still choosing here]."


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