Tuesday, August 24, 2010

discreetly whispering "Come and Get It" [very loudly from across the country, atop a mountain while disregarding work for 2 weeks]

In his amazingly hilarious and acutely accurate weekly horoscopes, Rob Brezsny speaks to a part of me that no other human has yet to influence. This week, he had this to say:

*Allure* magazine sought out Luca Turin and
Tania Sanchez, the women who wrote the book *Perfumes: The A to Z
Guide.* "What are the sexiest-smelling perfumes of all time?" they asked.
Turin and Sanchez said Chinatown was at the top of their list. Their
explanation: "If wearing Opium is like walking around with a bullhorn
shouting, 'Come and get it!', Chinatown is like discreetly whispering the
same thing." The Chinatown approach is what I recommend for you in the
coming weeks, Pisces.

Well, Rob - I am all for this.  And although my words may be in a discreet whisper of sweet somethings into the ear of someone who really matters, my actions will not be discreet at all.

I am preparing my belongings and my trusty '97 4-Runner for an adventure across the country to end at a narrow trail opening on the east face of a 14,500 foot mountain. I am intentionally not making any arrangements past the first night for my only goal on this trip is to find the important person and then find something to do with our time until I have to return home.

Everything about me is ready to see this person and to say all the hard things and the great things out loud and in person. I must. I have been thinking about it all week and the week before that. And then it was all so easy. I just simply set up the whole thing and it was all so facile that I had to lie to the important person to keep it a big secret.

And so you see, it is a big deal. This action of driving and surprising. And then of having no plans and yet of knowing. It is a grand slam of things all mixed together in a roadtrip that will maybe change my life forever.

So Rob, I get it - I do. But I am only taking you exactly literally.

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