Wednesday, June 9, 2010

almost like magic

So then she calls today.
Like magic. Manifestation.
I put energy into it and then it came back.
Or perhaps, she is reading this very page (that would make things interesting) - or perhaps, she saw my car parked at the grocery store where she drives by everyday.

Either way, she leaves no message.
But still I hear: You are the one who left
[I am the VICTIM]

There is no victim
there just is.
2 people who can't understand each other

I wanted fairness
She wanted unconditional love
But, I have limits - I have conditions
My conditions have to do with honor, integrity, credibility
Plus, she wasn't good for me.

Her mother said we pushed each others' buttons.
If my button is lies and her button is...
well, I'm not sure what her button was for she is some sort of upset all the time.
Then yes, she pushes my button.

And if my button is giving up on nearly everything because it is too hard,
or not trying before it even starts -
Then yes, she pushes my buttons.

Or maybe my button has more to do with the inability to understand a thing about me or hear what I am saying, for my button is currently in the "pushed in" position.


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